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GRADFER s.n.c.
Ennio Cah & Co.
P.iva 00549620326
Bagnoli della Rosandra, 569
34018 San Dorligo della Valle
Trieste- Italia

08-12  14-18  Mon-Fri

phone us for information:
0039 040 228166

send us a fax:
0039 040 228401

or send us an E-Mail:

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GRADFER (whose name is formed by GRADbeništvo, which means “the building industry” in Slovene and “FERramenta”, ironmongery) was established in 1982 thanks to the will of present partner and manager, Mr. Ennio Cah, after the practical experience he acquired in the building sector as a builder.
The name itself states that the company is a retail business and a wholesale trade of building materials, articles of ironmongery, colors, hydro-thermal and sanitary articles, small items, pieces of pottery, fireplaces, hydro-massage baths, sanitary articles, stonework kitchens. In a word, a real “supermarket” for the building industry, a place where you can always find the right answer to your doubts and questions on the use and the laying of different materials. In particular, the company is specialized in the planning, assembling and selling of fireplaces and stoves and offers an unequalled point of reference to all lovers of non-polluting wood heating systems.

Contact us or visit our website:
and you will discover that our fireplaces
and stoves are equipped with a UNIQUE AND PEERLESS air or hot water heating system (a peculiar device which is safeguarded by an international patent). Furthermore, we also perform restructuring and/or building of chimney stacks with our highly-skilled staff. The FREE ESTIMATE is directly made AT YOUR HOME.
We will be waiting for you!!

A very wide choice of baths and shower baths, with or without hydro-massage. Selling and laying of tiles, pieces of pottery, sanitary articles, pieces of furniture and accessories to BETTER LIVE your bathroom.



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